Christmas Already?!


This last weekend I went to the mall. The main reason was to get the wallflowers from Bath and Body works. When I went in I saw these pretty plug ins

Perfect for fall right?! So I so smelling every scent they had. I’m not a big fan of vanilla and sugary scents. Surprising huh? So I ended up with Japanese Flower Blossom & Clean Linen. 

The wall of scents

    After that experience I ended up at Bloomingdales and they already had Christmas trees up! What happened to Thanksgiving?! Every year they put up Christmas things earlier and earlier. I don’t get it 

My favorite 

I guess Tory Burch came out with a perfume that is exclusively at Bloomingdales. They are promoting it like crazy around the store. This lady kept on asking if I wanted to smell it, and after smelling all those scents and Bath and Body works I was done with scents for the day. But it actually smelled really good. I was very surprised!

One of the huge bottles they had around the store

Talk to you soon, Thanks for reading!

PS. If you smelled the perfume did you like it? & Are they pushing Christmas on us way to soon?

XO, Danielle



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