Why can’t this be easy?

Good Morning!

Yesterday we had the strangest weather. One min it was sunny and hot next min it was cloudy and drizzling not usual southern california weather. But anyway…I was inside for most of the day watching Million Dollar Listing LA (I will always be team Chad) I love real estate! I always have. I remember my grandma, mom and I going to open houses and model homes every saturday. I loved it and I still do. So about 4-5 months ago I enrolled in a real estate school, so I can get my real estate licence. I studied and studied but none of the information I was reading stuck. I started stressing and my blood pressure went up.

So I gave myself a brake and in that brake I started thinking. If just learning about this is giving me high blood pressure what would the actual job give me? Ever since I was younger I had a plan I wanted to be a lawyer. Most little girls dreamt about having a husband and kids, I dreamt about having a corner office and being that high power business women. But now I have no idea what to do and it scares the crap out of me. Why does life have to be so hard?!

If your still reading, Thanks

XO, Danielle



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