Welcome To Danielle N The City 2.0

SURPRISE I have a brand new site! I redesigned my blog I moved from Blogger to WordPress and I am so happy. I’ve been planning this move since before the new year. I loved blogger but I needed more as I got more into my blog. This is my business and I want it to look as great as possible. I love it so far. It feels a lot more freeing. If you have been here since the beginning a lot has changed and its only getting better and better.


I am so excited I can’t say that enough. For the past few days, I’ve just been staring at my site because it’s so pretty and everything I ever wanted. I’m creating my dream shop.  I’ve been having to add each item in there one by one. If you been following me on my Instagram and Twitter I was talking about the work I’m putting into my shop. I can’t wait for you to see it when its all done! As you see above this post I have posted my favorite items of the moment. Everything you see is shoppable! You can click on each item and it will take you to where you can get it yourself! Think of my blog as Danielle’s boutique. I am going to have a few categories on my shop page such as clothing, shoes, home things all that good stuff.  Again I am so excited! I hope you are too! So much more amazing things to come!


But let me go back to working on my shop…I have a few more categories to add 🙂

Can’t wait for you to join me on this wild ride


xoxo- Danielle


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