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Time For Your Autumnal Porch Decor

The days are getting shorter again. 

The bright and vibrant summer light has started to dim out, replaced by the warm hues of fall. 

The back-to-school fashion has taken the streets by storm, promoting browns, oranges, navys, and creams instead of the energetic summer shades. 


There’s no denying it; the summer has come to its last breath. It’s now time for autumnal decor. However, if you’re not one for the pumpkin decorations – we’ve still got almost 8 weeks before Halloween –, there are still plenty of ways in which you could give your porch a casual and inviting seasonal finish. After all, your porch can act as an outdoor lounge. While the summer is ending, there are still plenty of warm nights ahead of us – and many more evening outside, under a warm throw. Indeed, if you are going to transition into a new season with style, make sure to maximize your outdoor decor. The end of summer marks the beginning of SAD ] seasonal Affective Disorder –, aka a depressive condition that is caused by the lack of exposure to direct sunlight. Sprucing up your porch for fall is the simplest way to encourage all the family to spend more time in the sun! 

porch decor


At first, there was the porch

Ideally, you should consider renovating your porch every year or so. A fresh coat of protective paint can do wonders to maintain the wood. Additionally, every 20 to 30 years, it’s a good idea to run an audit of your porch. Indeed, depending on the material used, you might need to consider extensive replacement works. However, working with outdoor structure experts such as Archadeck can offer new solutions for your porch. Indeed, more often than not, switching to low-maintenance wood and fully custom-made design can not only give your porch a new life but also ensures long-term quality and use for the whole family. While you may not be ready to consider repair works, it can be useful to discuss the possibilities of improving your structure to create an area that is unique and personal. 

Transitional furniture 

The summer furniture needs an upgrade to survive the colder months. Ideally, you should ensure that your outdoor furniture is fully weatherproof. While the most common worry about summer is the intense light, fall brings rain, wind, and cold. Your chairs, tables, and other lounging elements have to sustain the transitional weather. Additionally, you should add a few features that will keep you and your guests comfortable on a chilly evening out. Warmth is vital, and it’s fair to say that keeping a few elegant throws and soft cushions can completely transform the space. Additionally, you might want to look for a safe source of heat, such as a self-contained fire pit with a lid or an electric outdoor heater. You’d be surprised by how much a few degrees difference can do to your mood! 

Quirky decor that says autumn but not Halloween

Many households break their teeth on the creation of an autumnal decor that isn’t pumpkin centered. Indeed, it’s fair to say that everybody loves Halloween. However, it’s far too early to start carving your Jack O’Lantern pumping and hanging out witches by the window. Instead, you need to think a little outside the box to include all the autumnal hues without rushing through the season. If you love craft hobbies, you could make your own decor out of colored sand in an elegant glass container. Pick rich red, warm orange and yellow, and pale green and blue shades to reflect the seasonal transition. You can also pick some of the last summer flowers and set them aside to dry. They will give an edgy past summer finish. 

fall home decor

Add some moody scents

Ah, what would fall be without all the lovely and warm scents of the season? There is something magical about the many delicious smells you can collect this season. With a little bit of DIY love, you could even make your own potpourri for the porch. Start with dried apple – which you can buy or make at home. Combined with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel, apples are the most iconic fruit in fall. They are synonymous with pies, and a lot of yummy memories. And ultimately, there is no better to enjoy a warm slice of homemade apple pie than to eat it on your porch by your scented potpourri. If you’re not one for DIY crafts, you can easily use some Yankee candles instead. They have a lovely autumnal range. 


Make the most of your porch as the sunlight is decreasing. Spending as little of 20 minutes outside can help you to fight the winter depression and say happy even on a rainy day! Transitioning with your porch through the seasons is the best way to maximize your outdoor space. 

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