Super Easy DIY Brush Cleaner


I’m a big fan of Pinterest. I love looking at the DIY hacks. I came across this pin about cleaning your make-up brushes. It’s so easy and fast. Every time I need to clean my brushes I do this method.

What you need

1 Cup of water

1 Table spoon of dish soap

2 Table spoons of vinegar

What you do

1. Pour your Table spoon of dish soap into your water

2. Pour your  2 Table spoons of vinegar into your water

3. Put your brush in and swirl it around

4. Repeat until clean 

5. Rinse your brushes with fresh water to get the soap & vinegar out 

When the water gets dirty I pour out the water and do it again until all my brushes are clean. Then I set them on a cloth to dry over night. In the morning my brushes are like new!

It’s super easy and I bet you have all that you need in your house already. You don’t really need those expensive brush cleaners. 

If you try it let me know how you like it.

xoxo- Danielle

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