Product Showdown # 1 | Sally Hansen VS Wet N Wild

So I have been doing at home manicures for a long time now. I have gone through a few brands of nail polish. Today we are going to be talking about Sally Hansen Miracle Gel  and Wet N Wild Megalast

Now I bet your thinking those two are totally two different types of polish. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel retails for about $10 then you have to buy the gel top coat for another $10. I followed the directions. Tried about three different colors. And they all chipped in a day or 2. Not chipping on the outside of the nail but in the middle. How does your nails chip in the middle? I don’t do hard labor so I have no idea why my nails chipped in two days! This didn’t happen just once but every time I did my nails with this polish it did the exact same thing.

Now let’s move on to Wet N Wild Megalast nail polish that retails for $1 to $1.99. Tell me why I put on two coats of this polish no top coat and it lasts way longer than the Miracle Gel? Isn’t that crazy? I can go a good week sometimes a week and a half with a little chipping here and there at the ends of my nails. I’m wearing it right now and I love it. I’m kind of mad I spent over $30 on the Miracle Gel. When I should have just gotten the wet and wild and saved so much money and had a better lasting product.

I guess the lesson is sometimes more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality.

xoxo -Danielle


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