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I’ve been really looking into nail polishes and nail things in general. I wanted to highlight summer nail polishes. I know we only have one more month of actual summer but if you are like me and change your polish every week or two then you have plenty of time to try more colors.

I usually go for the pinks. It’s my favorite color so why not? But I’m trying to branch out to different colors. On my nails right now I have on OPI Aurora Berry-Alis it’s really pretty color but the day after I got my nails done the color changed to a nude brown. It’s really strange. I just looked at the reviews an everyone is saying the same thing. It’s not so bad where I will get it removed before my next nail appointment. But I am not getting this color again.

Anyway… let’s get to the reason we are all here. The summer nail polishes! Like always when you click on the picture it will take you to where you can get the nail polish for yourself. There are really cute colors so make sure you click that arrow to see more.

Summer colors are supposed to bright and fun. Make sure you click the arrow on the side to see more! I think next time I’m going to go for a teal blue. Something really different for me. What summer nail polishes do you enjoy? Leave them in the comments below

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