My love for Chanel/ Random Thoughts #3


I’ve been in LOVE with Chanel for years now. From the handbags, make-up, shoes, jewelry ect. Today I am going to show you my favorite perfume at the moment. (this might be played out but oh well hahaha)

I love this perfume. It’s clean, fresh.  And it’s my favorite color lol. I’ve been wearing it everyday since I bought it 3 months ago. 

Random Thought

I was going to look at all the fashion shows and pick my favorite show and put up my favorite looks and tell you why I like them (i still might do that if i see a show and i’m like wow) but I think i’m trying to be something that i’m not. I’m not your average “fashion blogger” I don’t even know if I am a fashion blogger. I think i’m more of a “lifestyle” blogger. I need to stay true to myself and blog about things that I know and actually like. Not because all the bloggers are going crazy over NYFW. I woke up with that on my mind.

If you have a favorite fashion show you saw this year let me know in the comments below

xo, Danielle



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