Meet Danielle

Hey I’m Danielle. I’m a 29  year old women that lives in Los Angeles, CA. I started this blog way back in 2013 on a whim because I always wanted a blog. But soon life got in the way really I just got bored of posting everyday of what I thought I should be writing about and I stopped posting. But now I’m back 4 years later. But this time I’m serious! I guess I had to grow up and see what I really wanted in life. Now I’m going to be writing about what I want and not because it’s popular. I hope you enjoy my posts and feel at home here. I love to interact so don’t be scared to leave a comment 🙂

 Fun facts about me

  1. Pink is my favorite color as you can tell from my blog 
  2. I’m 5’2
  3. I love fries and sushi. I can just eat those two things for the rest of my life and be happy
  4. I love to read
  5. I’m really goofy. I make people laugh all the time
  6. I love Tim Burton movies
  7. My favorite type of cake is red velvet
  8. I’m allergic to flour tortillas
  9. I’m a Sims addict


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