Marble Love: Home Decor

Marble home decor



Not just on floors and countertops anymore.

I noticed this last year when I started blogging. Marble is a blogger basic…literally, myself included. I love marble home decor. It’s not only pretty it can be paired with a lot of things and still be very pretty. Every store you go to that has homewares has a least 4 or 5 products that have marble on them. I even saw bedsheets…I have included some in my roundup.

On this post, I have gathered some marble themed products for you to enjoy!

As always the images are clickable and will take you to where you can get it for yourself. Don’t forget to click on the arrows to see more products.


Everything is so cute and a lot of it is under $100. I made sure there are things for everyone who wants some marble pieces in their home. I am going to be decorating a new space soon and I’m definitely going to have some marble accents around.


What do you think of this whole marble trend? Leave your thoughts below.


xoxo- Danielle


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