Is emotional vulnerability a bad thing?


Have you ever hid your feelings for someone that you really really like so you wouldn’t be vulnerable making you think you lost your power? I have. I have feelings for someone but I haven’t been able to express them because of fear of vulnerability. I didn’t know I had this problem.

Looking back I was really shut off to this person. I was scared they would reject me like so many in the past. So when this special person came around I was completely shut off / scared to show how I really felt. So I ran or just acted like they didn’t mean much to me. But in reality they mean a lot to me. When I look back I wish I could have changed a lot of things. I would have gave bigger and tighter hugs or a nice smile and a hello. From now on I will be in the moment and not carry the weight of the past. And allow myself to be vulnerable because it can open the door to great things and greater love.

xoxo -Danielle

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