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How To Change Your Style Without Breaking The Bank

Changing your style completely is something that many people do. We all change as people, and what was important to us a few years ago, may not be so important anymore. As our lives change, so too do our tastes. You may not enjoy the same interests as you used to. You might have a young family and a completely different set of priorities. Or, maybe you have decided that you would like to make your look more exciting? 


Change Your Style

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making drastic changes in the way that you look. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is vital for your own self-confidence and happiness, so you be the version of yourself that you want to be. 

You may be looking for a new style that is based on a celebrity look, or you may be wanting to try and create something new and unique that reflects you more as a person. 

What To Do With Your Existing Wardrobe

You probably own lots of clothes already. You may have quite a few years’ worth of fashion buying tucked away in your wardrobe already. This equates to a lot of time and money spent on clothing. You may not want to just let all of that go to waste. It is also going to take a lot of effort and spending to build up a collection of outfits that you feel happy with again too. 

One of the first things to do is to go through your wardrobe and look at items that can be matched with different things to create a whole new look. It may be that you have just never tried different things together. Experiment a bit.

You may also be able to modify many of your existing clothes. By cutting them up and sewing them back together in a completely different way, you could create something new and exciting. 

Changing Up Your Accessories

Making subtle changes like getting some cute nose studs can make a big difference to how you look and feel. Small changes to your accessories can set an outfit off in a new direction. Start looking for accessories to build up your collection. 

Think about things like scarves and hats too. The more little bits you own, the more variation you can create. 

Buying Your New Wardrobe

You will obviously want to go out and get new items, this is natural when you are creating a new look. However, you might not be able to buy too much all at once. Instead of rushing out and breaking the bank, start by looking for online sales at the end of the season. Retailers will be keen to get rid of as many items as they can when they are changing their ranges and you can get some great bargains. 

Don’t rule out buying items from thrift stores. You will be able to find some quite exciting items there that will be in great condition. Plus, all of the money from the sale will go to charity! 

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