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I’ve been in a decorative mood for the past few days. I have noticed my style has definitely changed. Being in the blogging world has had some influence. Also, I am getting older and your style just changes.

I used to be into black and chrome. I still love chrome I still have my eye on a dining table from Z Gallery.  I wanted all black furniture. I made a blog post about my style way back in 2013.

I have been making a lot of to buy lists. Because I want a whole different vibe in my next place. West Elm is the place I’ve been looking the most. No, this post is not sponsored. West Elm and a few other
places just have the furniture and vibe I’m going for. Here is an inspiration picture.

As you can see I’m going to go very minimal and blush. I still have to put a shade of pink in there somewhere. I’m just loving minimalistic things and plants. I’m going to have fake plants because I’m allergic to the real ones but I still like the look. Marble Marble Marble. Blogging was a huge influence there. Right now I have a white couch. I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea. I wanted white, a light grayish and chrome theme. I’m planning on getting a gray couch..not really dark gray. I just want a bright happy place, girly but not too girly.

What is your home style?

xoxo- Danielle




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