Hack for oily skin

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I have oily skin. It sucks when you put all this time into doing your make-up just to be oily in 3-4 hours. In the past I used those oil blotting sheets. They do work..they do. But they run out fast when you have to blot a few times a day.

A few months ago one day I used my last oil blotting sheet. I usually use two a blotting session. I looked by my desk and I found a brown napkin. So I ripped a piece off and blotted my face and was amazed at the results. It took off a lot of oil and it didn’t pick up my foundation or blush just the oil. I was looking at the napkin like whoa. 

Ever since then I haven’t looked back. I haven’t bought anymore oil blotting sheets. Whenever I go to a fast food place and I see they have those brown napkins I always grab a few more to use on my face. Just rip off a piece of napkin and blot your face. It’s easy as that.

If you try it let me know how it goes.

xoxo- Danielle

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