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Eco-Friendly Ways To Give Your Home A Makeover

home decor

There are all kinds of reasons as to why you might want to give your home a makeover.


If you are tired of staring at the same four walls each day, you might want to give your home interior a bit of a facelift as this will lift the look on your face as well!


If you live in an older property, there are home improvements you will need to prioritize.


And you might want to create more space to give you greater functionality at home. 


Excellent reasons all.


However, when planning your makeover, be environmentally savvy. With an eco-friendly approach, not only will you make both short and long-term financial savings in the process, but you will also be doing your bit to save the planet as well!


Here are some eco-friendly suggestions you might find useful.


#1: Think about energy efficiency


As we suggested previously, you can make long-term savings if you take the eco-friendly approach. And by this, we are specifically referring to those blasted utility bills which are the bane of homeowners everywhere.


So, if you’re looking for new appliances, such as a new dishwasher or a refrigerator, be sure to look for the Energy Star logo, as this is an energy-efficient guarantee. To be honest, most appliances come with this as standard these days, but it’s still worth checking.


If you are planning on building a patio or any other kind of home extension, use a company that uses energy-efficient materials. After doing a Google search, we discovered Mr. Rogers Windows and Doors who proudly showcase their eco-friendly approach on their website. Not only that, but the products they sell look absolutely stunning too. Do an internet search of your own for similar companies in your area. 


And consider upgrading your home with smart features. Nearly everything can be connected to the internet these days, and these include your household lights which can be set in a variety of ambient colors, your thermostat to control your heating, and your various home appliances which can be turned on without you having to leave your sofa. Take a look at these smart features for a few useful examples and then continue your research online. 


 #2: Buy furniture created with sustainable materials


Thousands of rainforests and other woodland areas are being destroyed every year to provide us with our home furnishings, so go against the grain (pun intended), and do your bit for the environment by using products that use sustainable materials. These are the items made with a little negative effect on the environment, and are not only made sustainably but which are also created using responsible production practices. 


So, when looking at furniture and decor outlets, consider those that have eco-friendly certification to showcase their green credentials. To get you started, we found these sustainable furniture brands online, so you aren’t exactly spoiled for choice when looking to buy new (and very stylish) furniture for your home.


#3: Don’t throw your old items away


Our air is polluted because of the items that are thrown into our landfills every year, so when giving your home a makeover, don’t add to the problem.


If you are making room in your home for new items, consider donating to charity or selling your old pieces. If donating, we recommend Habitat For Humanity, as 100% of the proceeds made from their furniture sales go towards building homes for the underprivileged, so this is another way you can support the world you’re living in. But if you’re selling because the money would come in handy for you, consider Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and the many other internet sites at your disposal. 


Of course, you don’t need to let go of all of your unwanted items. Instead, why not give them a new lease of life in your home. Using these clever ideas on Buzzfeed, you could give new life to an old TV stand by turning it into an ombré bar cart, and you can give your old dining chairs an uplift using a can of brightly colored spray paint. There are over 30 ideas on the list, so have a look, as you can easily reduce your spending on your home makeover by using what you already have at home. 




So, if you are itching to give your home a makeover, do so with cost-saving and world-saving in mind. You will then have more money to spend on your home in both the short and the long-term, and you will have that personal reward that comes from doing something good for the environment. Oh, and your home will look incredible too! What’s not to love?



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