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6 Easy Tips for Caring For Curly Hair

Caring for curly hair is a skill, and it is one that you learn over time. The porosity of the hair, the curl type, and how to maintain it all matter. There are many groups and websites dedicated to looking after curly hair now and with good reason!

The care regime for curly hair is totally different from normal straight hair and here are some tips to help you care for your curly hair. 

curly hair

Skip Daily Washing

There is still some noise around people shampooing their hair every few days or even once a week, but really your hair needs moisture. Daily washes with the wrong shampoo are going to strip that moisture and leave you with frizz, not curls. Shampooing too often can stretch out the curls and leave them super dry. 

Ingredients Matter

The ingredients in the shampoo and conditioner that you use will have a significant impact on your curls. Consider your hand-wash only clothing, would you ever put them on a hot wash? Nope. Never. You want to look after the items, and you want to look after your hair. Harsh shampoos do a lot of damage to curly hair, so you should look for some that are listed as curl safe in a ‘curly girl safe list’. 

Many people with curly hair chose to wash only with conditioner and use a clarifying shampoo to stop build up. Your hair might love coconut oil, protein and hate other ingredients. It is a lot about trial and error. 

Not So Hot

When looking to lock in the most amount of moisture for your hair, you probably want to turn the temperature down. The lower temperature will close the cuticles of the hair and lock in all that delicious conditioner – giving you more manageable curls for longer. 


When it comes to hair accessories if you have curly hair, you have probably ended up with your fair share of knots, snapped hair bands, and other inconveniences. Using curly hair accessories will mean they are designed with curly hair in mind – and gone are the days of cutting your hair ties out of your hair. 


Leave-in conditioners are treatments that will keep your hair drenched in that moisture it needs. Curly hair is always thirsty, and it is the moisture that allows it to kink and curl well. If you don’t like the idea of adding extra steps into your routine then simply dilute some of your regular conditioners and add some to the ends of your hair and leave that in your hair after a shower. 

Silk Pillow

A silk pillowcase will help reduce the number of knots that you get in your hair. Combine that with tying your hair in a ‘pineapple’ on the top of your head, or using a silk headscarf to protect your hair and you can keep your curls looking great for a day or two and will only need a quick curly hair refresh instead of a whole new wash day and routine. 

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