Backpack Want List

I know I’m kinda late on this trend. To be honest I really didn’t like backpacks they reminded me of school. I didn’t like school that much. But lately, I’ve been seeing really cute backpacks.

And here are some of the backpacks on my want list. Can you see the trend?

I think backpacks would be great when traveling, going to amusement parks or just a day you don’t feel like wearing a bag but you still need to carry around things. I always need to carry around something. If you like any of the bags I mentioned they are clickable and shoppable!  Do you like this whole backpack trend?

PS. I’m planning on adding a book section to my blog. Like a monthly book we can read and then discuss or maybe I’ll do book reviews. Do you have any books to recommend? Leave them in the comments below

xoxo- Danielle

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