Rocksbox Jewelry Membership Service

About 2 months ago I discovered a cool jewelry membership service called Rocksbox.

Rocksbox is a try before you buy jewelry membership service where you take a style quiz and from that quiz a stylist picks out 3 pieces of jewelry every month that goes with your style. They have all types of jewelry styles and brands like Jenny Bird, Kendra Scott, Kate Spade and House of Harlow 1960.

I love this because picking out jewelry is hard and I keep buying the same type of pieces over and over again. So with this I get to try out things I usually wouldn’t and so far so good. I have loved every piece that has been sent. You are able to try it on with your outfits and if you like them you can buy them or if you don’t you can always return them and next month get 3 more pieces.

The returning is really easy it comes in a resealable pouch and in your box there is a shipping label with a tracking number so all you have to do is put back the jewelry you don’t want in the pouches and in the box then put the box back in the mailing pouch seal it and put the shipping label that you got in the box on there. Its super easy.

If you would like to get your first month free of rocksbox when you sign up you can use ‘Daniellenthecityyxoxo’

xoxo- Danielle

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