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3 Tips For Designing The Perfect Workout/Yoga Room

When you have a spare room in your home, perhaps due to a child flying the nest or through renovation, you have a range of possibilities that you can opt for at any one time. To some, this might just be used as a storage locker, to some an office to improve their productivity, while to others, a room that allows you to get away from the stress of the world to work out or commit to yoga and meditation in peace can be thoroughly restorative.


Many of us wish we had a refuge within our refuge, allowing us to truly be ourselves, to work on who we are, and to spend some time away from the rat race that can keep our mind turning over day and night. These are perfectly understandable motivations. But perhaps what is harder to understand is how to outfit this room in the best way, allowing for a balance between function, form, and true loving design. 

We’re going to consider that in the following advice – we hope it truly helps:


Space & Equipment


The space you enjoy in this yoga room can go a long way in helping you relax and attend to your hobby, but be sure you are well equipped also. For example, if you are on the ground floor and wish to lift weights, lifting pads can help you avoid causing harm when dropping dumbells or barbells after a heavy set. Pilates mats can help you stretch and contort your body in the manner in which you are advised for the practice, and this can also help for yoga. Be sure that lamps are carefully put aside, that you have plenty of access to hydration and the lighting is strong, and that you are fully equipped for your chosen practice.


Ambiance can be an important thing to create when developing this space. Perhaps worthwhile lighting (although be sure it’s bright enough) could factor in colors and patterns, plants could add a natural beauty to the room, candles could be lit (safely) in order to bring fragrance into the room, a small set of Bluetooth speakers may connect to your phone and a Spotify account may help you listen to meditative or yoga music as you get in the zone. A little ambiance can go a long way regarding any of these hobbies.


Privacy is often something you care about when dealing with your morning workout or meditation sessions. Blinds can help you illuminate the room while giving little away, especially on the first floor of a building. You may also wish to use soundproofing panels to prevent your loud ‘Oms’ or funny squeals that escape when trying to get the best yoga position. It may not be worthwhile to lock the door in case you need help when struggling with a lift you cannot make, but a ‘do not disturb’ sign or even light can help your family understand when you’re busy, especially if you’re in your creative zone.


With this advice, we hope you can design the perfect workout/yoga room.


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