2017 Summer Fashion Trends

I can’t believe summer is already here! I felt like it was just February. But anyway. I’m going to be jumping more into fashion here on my blog. I was a little scared thinking “what if they don’t like my style” but now looking at all these other blogs personal style is all over the place. So now I’m feeling a  little bit more comfortable jumping into these fashion waters.

In today’s post is a about summer fashion trends that I like. Some of the things I saw around I was like NOPE! So let’s get to the clothes.



  seamless >


    You can click the arrow on the right and it will show you more. Everything is shoppable 🙂 

As you can tell this season i’m really into off the shoulder tops, ruffles, wide leg pants, jumpsuits and the good ol maxi dresses. I love maxi dresses. I’m also really into the boho look as well. I love being comfortable so you will never see me in uncomfortable shoes or clothes. My life is super casual anyway. 

What summer trends do you like?

xoxo- Danielle 

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  1. Steph Schrader
    June 29, 2017 / 7:08 pm

    Maxi dresses and skirts are a girl's best friend!

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