10 things I have learned about Instagram

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I’ve been blogging again since January.  I started using Instagram at the end of  February. If your blogging but don’t have an Instagram account get one NOW.  I have noticed since I’ve been using Instagram and posting a few times a day I have been reaching a lot more people and getting new readers and brands looking at my blog. 

I’m not a Instagram expert but I have noticed a few things I have been doing that helps me gain followers and engagement. Want to grow your instagram and ultimately your blog? Here is a few tips I have learned: 

1. Fill out your bio. Tell people what you do and a little about what you like

2. If you have a blog or business have your e-mail contact in your bio

3. Put your website or blog in the website part of your bio

4. Use hashtags. Use one or 2 hashtags in your caption but make a comment and put more. You can put up to 30 on a picture. Please just use relevant hashtags for the picture your posting.

5. Like & comment other people’s pictures. I don’t mean. “Wow cool pic check out my pictures” Like do a genuine comment. 

6. Do a hashtag search and like other people’s pictures that are using the same hashtags you are.

7. Follow people that are interesting to you. Or people in your business. I follow a lot of  bloggers and different brands that I like

8. Don’t over like. I’m not sure how many pictures you need to like a day to get temporarily banned from liking but it has happened to me this week. oops 

9. Put up pictures that are relevant to your brand or blog. I have a lifestyle blog so I post a lot of different things. I love my inspirational quotes.

10. Try to post 3 or 4 times a day. At least 4 hours in between.

If you don’t think my tips work just look at my Instagram I was at 0 followers at the end of February. 

Have you tried these tips? Did they work for you?

xoxo- Danielle

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